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Balcony Renovations 2013

As renovations continue to take place at the church, the balcony has been the focus of some of the latest repairs and refurbishments. The lighting in the balcony was almost non-existent and it was very dark. Also, the balcony door was in need of some serious tender loving care. Here are some before/after images of the work that has been completed. A big thank you goes out to all those who helped make this happen. Click on the images below to see a larger images.


One of the ceiling lights in the balcony was torn off the fixture. The remaining fixture was not functional. Another lighting fixture in the balcony was completely missing. Naked wires hung from the electrical box. In this photo they have had protective ends placed on them.

An entry way door had been installed (partially) and was missing some hardware and in bad need of repair. The white door also did not fit in well with the rest of the church. Notice the door frame has not been completed or trimmed. Apparently, someone kicked a hole in the door that was roughly repaired with Bondo. The doorknob is also missing.


New spotlights have now been installed where the old fixtures were. Several types of bulbs have been put in them to see which looks the best. It is unbelieveable the difference it makes in the balcony lighting-wise. All four balcony light fixtures are now working properly with two new fixtures installed thus far, and using two of the existing fixtures that have been repaired.

The door was taken down and repaired. The Bondo was sanded and the door was painted in a color that more closely matches that of the interior woodwork of the church. The deadbolt and doorknobs are now functional and hopefully will deter an intruder who might want to steal our sound equipment or simply secure it from individuals who might mess it up. Framing of the door was also completed on the balcony side of the door. The side coming up the steps still needs some trim work completed. Stay tuned for more photos on the continuing renovation of Little Mount Baptist Church.



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