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Little Mount Baptist Church Deacons


Deacon Phone

 Mark Armstrong

 502-477-2809 Home

 502-533-4055 Cell

 Sidney Barnett

 502-477-8281 Home

 502-354-1073 Cell

 Greg Bell

 502-834-9193 Home

 502-648-1172 Cell

 Joe Chesser

 502-477-2641 Home


 Allen Hahn

 502-477-6979 Home

 502-354-1163 Cell

 Larry Riley

 502-477-2862 Home


 Bob Shepherd, Chairman

 502-477-2530 Home

 502-403-3078 Cell

 Frank Tankersley

 502-477-2530 Home

 502-931-5680 Cell

 Ralph Tindle

 502-738-5049 Home

 502-257-2584 Cell

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