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Work on the Front Doors of the Church 2013

After years of neglect, several men from the Property and Space Committee got busy on Wednesday, May 8th and did a lot of work on the front doors. They now open easily and before long, will also look and work much better overall. Thanks for all the hard work put in by these Men of God.

Here are some photos of the men who spent all day working on them.

Vernon Bebout and Eric Redmon working on the front door hardware.

Doorknob hole. Pretty rough shape!

New cover for the front doorknob hole.

Another view with the door hardware removed.

A new threshold was installed and the doors trimmed a bit. Vernon, Eric and Don Dailey working on the doors. Photos courtesy of Fred Tankersley who also helped with the work. Vernon and Eric reattach the door hardware. If you have a talent and can help with future renovations, let us know. We can always use more help! Amen!!!


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