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The New Roof and Parking Lot

Little Mount Baptist Church continues to grow and with this growth came the need for additional parking. The church purchased an old house and lot nearby and had the house demolished and the land leveled and gravel put down. Also, with the recent strong hail storms the Little Mount area has experienced, the roof on the sanctuary and parsonage both needed replacing. Thanks to some dedicated and hard working church members, both of these projects have been completed in record time. This will allow more new folks to stop in and visit and maybe make Little Mount Baptist their home. Church members are encouraged to park in the the new parking lot to allow visitors and the elderly to park close to the church. It also will point out that we do have additional spots available. Additional space was also added to the back of the original parking lot behind the church. Signage has also been put up to help people find the new parking lot. The next phase of the parking lot project is to put in a sidewalk from the parking lot to the church. Preparations for this are already underway. This will make it much safer to walk to and from the church.

The Lord is definitely working in Little Mount! A big thank you goes out to all those who participated in making God's work happen. To see more of what has been accomplished, click on the images below.

The New Parking Lot

There are signs on both sides of the parking lot. There is lots of room in the new parking lot. There are spaces on both sides and in the middle. As you can see the formerly sloping property is fairly level now. Here is the parking lot sign coming from the church.

The New Roof


The parsonage and church sporting their new roofs. Close up of the new roof. Another shot of the new roof on the church.


You can see the shingles are in definate need of replacement.

The new roof in place. Now we need to get the American Flag replaced!




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