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Valentine's Day Dinner 2013

"Denim and Pearls"


On Wednesday night, February 13th, 2013 the Little Mount Baptist Church put on a Valentine's Party for adults in the fellowship hall. A crowd of around 60 people attended. The theme of this year's party was "Denim and Pearls." The party was put on by the LMBC Recreation Committee. The evening included a meal, music, a beauty contest and a test of biblical knowledge playing a Jeopardy style game. There were also door prizes and a guessing game. The meal was catered by Mark's Feed Store so everyone got to enjoy some good barbeque, potato salad/casserole, coleslaw, buttermilk pie and cupcakes. Billy Curtsinger provided the music and sang some great songs. The beauty contest was for men dressing up as women. Five men participated. They were in alphabetical order : Vernon Bebout (Verna) Greg Bell (Greta), Joe Chesser (Josie), Gerald Mays (Geraldine), and Fred Tankersley (Fredrica). The contest judges were : Betty Ruth Porter, Vivian Lisby and Ralph David Tindle. Greta was voted "Little Mount Baptist Church Sweetheart" by the judges. Geraldine was the first runner up and Fredrica was the second runner up.


Opal Edwards won the contest guessing how many heart shaped candies were in the vase. She guessed 702 and the actual number was 734? (I think). The Bible Jeopardy game was contested on a table by table basis. Seven tables participated and the members of table 2 won by a sizeable margin. There were also prizes for the youngest and oldest attendees. They were Sarah Murphy and Jane Miller. I won't tell you who won which....


Everyone that attended had a great time! A big thank you goes out to all those who made this happen. They put in a lot of hard work and preparation. The following photographs were taken during the party. There are three pages so when you reach the bottom, click the heart to be taken to the next page. Enjoy!!!


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